NoVA traffic

GIMP hooded Skull Harley WIP

I want to spend a few minutes to talk about NoVA highway system. The first thing is to stay off highway 95 as much as possible.  This is the major North/South highway that runs through Virginia. Like a lot of people, I live in a bedroom community of DC and spend at least an hour and a half one way to get to work. I ride my scooter to work a lot and if the humidity is high and you’re caught in traffic, heat exhaustion is just around the corner.  We can’t lane split here in Virginia, and the cages would probably move over just to put you in a pinch anyways. NoVA has some of the worse drivers in cages that I have ever seen. Why Virginia won’t let you travel no more than 30 MPH in the emergency lane on an air cooled bike, is beyond me.

Here I am waving hello to a few of my friends that want to share the road with me. And wearing fingerless gloves does help provide a good contrast so all can see me waving.




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