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Back in My Day

New Marine Corps Recruiting

Sounds of Silence AmphibOps


A few of my Brothers talking about our club. Warrior Brotherhood Forever, Forever Warrior Brother!!

Fallujah in ’04

US Marines were referred to as the “Black Death” by enemy combatants in the battle of Fallujah in ’04. Appropriately, the song ‘The Man Comes Around’ tells of the Apocalypse of the Revelation of St. John. This video is dedicated to the men who have been wounded and killed during their service to the Corps. Semper Fi.

4th Annual Bunny Run

Come on out to the 4th Bunny Run Event. Bring a stuff Easter Toy or $20 donation per bike. This event provides Easter Baskets to the children at Marry Washington Hospital and Fort Belvoir USO Warrior Center.

My Battle Buddy

The Farm

4 Bro’s, 43 beers, 1 and 1/2 bottles of fireball, 1/2 baby bottle of absinth, several parts of a fence, 3 lawn chairs…= good times.

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2014-08-09 16.55.38

2014-08-09 16.54.34

2014-08-09 22.21.08

Few Nevada Brothers

Giving a “shout out” to a few of my Nevada Brothers

Some Illinios Brothers

This is a short video that a couple of my Brothers in Illinois created. Just giving them a “shout out”.