Our Colors


A good place to start is explaining what our colors are all about. The unique thing about our colors compared to other three piece MCs’ is that the center patch may be different on four or five brothers. Our center patch is representative of what campaign you were sent into harm’s way. If you served in more than one campaign, you get to choose what campaign ribbon is going to be your center patch.

The Top Rocker identifies us as members of the Warrior Class.

It signifies our adherence to the Warrior Code of loyalty, courage,

veracity, compassion, and honor as important above all else.

 We wear the image of our campaign ribbons, flanked on top by

the country or operation of combat and on the bottom by our

branch of service, as the centerpiece of our colors.

The Bottom Rocker identifies the Brotherhood we share with

each other, and our brothers in arms who continue to serve

today, as the foundation for the Warrior Brotherhood MC.

The Blue lettering signifies Loyalty, Compassion, and Honor.

The background color harkens to the combat uniform of the Warrior.

The Red field of the MC cube signifies Courage, Veracity, and, the

Sacrifices of Combat and Service.


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