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Washing the Vietnam Memorial

Our MC has the distinct honor to prepare the Vietnam War Memorial for the visitors that will come on Memorial Day. For the past four years we have done this every Saturday before Memorial Day in keeping with our motto “Vets Helping Vets”. Click the following red link to see a video from the Marine Corps Memorial to the Wall Washing (about 12 minutes long). You will catch a very small portion of Arlington Cemetary, Memorial Bridge, Lincoln Memorial. Ride to the Wall. I want to send a shout out to Brother Hybrid from our New York Crew that shot the above video.

This next video is a very short video of us washing the wall. I am the one wearing the plaid jacket and a bandanna around my shaved head.

The below are some stills of us at the Vietnam Memorial

West Virginia Tilted Kilt Run

The boys in West Virginia know how to throw a fundraiser. We raised money for Wounded Warriors and had a great time hanging with Brothers from Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, Virginia and our host West “By God” Virginia.

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