Rolling with Bro’s

Couple Brothers out stretching their legs.

Happy 4th of July

ID4 plus service

Just Hanging in PA

2014-07-02 09.46.27

2014-07-02 09.46.36

NoVa Hosting a Cookout

Our Chapter likes to host an annual cookout for any Brother that wants to come. Nothing fancy, beer and hamburgers, but a good time with fellow Brothers.

A Poem by Red Bull

A poem written by Red Bull and read at the Marine Corps Memorial
Red Bull Poem

Washing the Vietnam Memorial

Our MC has the distinct honor to prepare the Vietnam War Memorial for the visitors that will come on Memorial Day. For the past four years we have done this every Saturday before Memorial Day in keeping with our motto “Vets Helping Vets”. Click the following red link to see a video from the Marine Corps Memorial to the Wall Washing (about 12 minutes long). You will catch a very small portion of Arlington Cemetary, Memorial Bridge, Lincoln Memorial. Ride to the Wall. I want to send a shout out to Brother Hybrid from our New York Crew that shot the above video.

This next video is a very short video of us washing the wall. I am the one wearing the plaid jacket and a bandanna around my shaved head.

The below are some stills of us at the Vietnam Memorial

West Virginia Tilted Kilt Run

The boys in West Virginia know how to throw a fundraiser. We raised money for Wounded Warriors and had a great time hanging with Brothers from Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, Virginia and our host West “By God” Virginia.

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Easter at the Armed Forces Retirement Home

My Brothers serving Easter Dinner at the Armed Forces Retirement Home.

Bunny Run 2014

Its always nice to get a “thank you” when it takes the Brothers and Prospects so much effort and time to raise the funds so we can purchase the Easter items. Everyone in the Chapter did a fantastic job. I want to thank the people who donated to this cause. Without your donations, this event could never take place.

Thank you, Goat (the Club), for such a nice donation of Easter items for the children. Tecia, Peggie and Geta were thrilled to meet you and the group last weekend. I got a couple of pictures. We are so appreciative of your thoughtfulness and continuing to support the pediatric department at Mary Washington Hospital.

Thank you again,

Kathy Herring, RN, BSN
Nurse Manager, Pediatrics, Mother Baby, Nursery, Lactation
Mary Washington Healthcare
Yes, thank you Goat (the Club)! Your kindness and efforts are most appreciated!


Kasia Wardynski
Director of Development
Mary Washington Hospital Foundation
Stafford Hospital Foundation

This is at the new Fort Belvoir USO Center

USOeaster2014The traffic to the Hospital was terrible today. The cage carrying the 50 Baskets was stuck in traffic for over two hours. One Brother blew his clutch out on his scooter. Needles to say, we did not travel down Hwy 95 today. We had intended to do a nice ride with the Bunny Run but traffic made us rethink that and the only run we made was getting food and beer.

A National Leader